Shukrani Tea

Our in house brand We export in wholesale teabags and loose tea

Shukrani means appreciation and we believe that “ you deserve good tea!”

Our tea is processed from the plant camellia synesis manufactured using the CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) process. The tea we select is of premium quality and its brew is of a deep copper colour which presents itself pleasantly without or with milk to brighten the cup to individual preference.

We pick on teas that are certified by various organizations and meet hygiene and international standards. The quality of the tea is paramount. The blending and packing is also done with minimal time after receiving the tea from the factories. This ensures freshness. 

Each cup should be a treat and satisfying whatever the time of day. Feel fresh and energized or relaxed whatever the mood. 

Enjoy a refreshing cup with family and friends. We are confident each cup will be a memorable experience!

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