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Maisha commodities is a registered buyer, packer, blender and exporter of tea. We export these to various traders, blenders and Packers overseas. The destinations include UK, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.


We have been in the tea handling business for over 45 years whereby we have been handling tea for various tea producers and traders/ exporters.  This includes handling of teas for London Auction, Off-shore Auction and Offshore private sales. We are well known for our service and integrity worldwide.

Security & Safety

Our staff is continually sensitized on maintaining safety in and around the workplace. Fire safety and First Aid training is also carried out periodically. We are ISO 22000-2018 certified and have maintained a positive track record handling teas.


We have the required machinery i.e. electronic weighing equipment, forklifts, pallet trucks, vibrator/tea packer etc. at our Mombasa warehouses. We have independent contractors to attend to all the various types of equipment that we employ. This ensures that all equipment is professionally maintained

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